Focus on quality education......and your OHSMS will fall into place.


Overseas and national research has shown, that providing sound education and training to staff, ensures positive outcomes. Workers that understand the benefits of taking extra precautions around hazardous substances, machinery and the safety of their overall working environment, will be more likely to ensure they and those around them, are taking the necessary steps to keeping healthy and safe at work.


At You're Safe, we take a multifactorial approach to managing workplace risks, whilst keeping real about the day to day practicalities! Businesses need controls that are practicable, realistic and capable of change in our ever evolving workplaces. Having an open relationship with our clients, keeping our visits frequent and not confined to the management office, we've struck that key balance between keeping business moving and profitable - to healthy and safe. 



Health and safety is not about ticking a box, being 'compliant' is not sufficient. It is about working healthy. Working safe. Ensuring you can live your life to the full after work and for the days when you are no longer working. Celebrate that and strive for that. If you are just ticking the box, it's time to stop and re-evaluate how you are approaching your operating system. 



We believe in taking a personal approach to you, your staff, your system and documentation. You are not running a generic business - so why should your documentation be generic? Your controls should be specific to you. Why, because you will not approach your hazards and risks in the same way as the next business will. You have your people, and every person is different. Do what works for you, have controls that work for your business and your people. 

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