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Since the implementation of the new legislation, every business owner/ operator is obliged to set up and monitor a Health & Safety system in their organisation, regardless of size. With the landscape changing and new regulations emerging, it is imperative that your business has a solid grasp of your obligations.

The legislation places emphasis on employee participation in the workplace, therefore it is important that your employees are aware of their obligations. Getting the paperwork sorted is not enough - you need to get your team on board!

Take this for an example: Two years ago, a careless act by an employee would have resulted in the business owner facing prosecution, today, both the employee and the employer can be prosecuted. Staff can make or break a workplace health and safety system. Creating the right culture will empower everyone in the organisation and result in a positive Health and Safety climate.

So, who are we?

You're Safe is an independent, local Nelson consultancy, and we get to know you. We help you navigate the new legislation with ease and tailor all aspects of your documentation exact to your business needs. We work with your employees ensuring they understand all aspects of the system from their obligations, how to read the paperwork to reporting hazards. 

Our priority is keeping you and your employees safe, whilst ensuring operations remain productive - not in the office filling out forms.


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